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Window Guards

Built Strong. Built with Safety in mind!

  • Vacant Home Security | Window Guards
  • Real Estate Protection | Board Ups
  • Board Ups | Vacant Homes
  • Internal Strapped Window Guards | Foreclosures

Uses and Features

  • Single Family Homes

  • Vacant Home Security
  • Apartments

  • Vacant Apartment Security
  • Commercial Buildings

  • Vacant Commercial Building Security
  • Easy Installation

  • Vacant Investment Property Security
  • Michigan Built!

  • Vacant Investment Property Security

    • With a modular design, Rocca Products window guards can be utilized to cover just about every size window.

    • Rocca Products can also work with you to engineer a solution for odd sized windows. We create our products from scratch. From our on-site engineers to our manufacturing facility, we can handle your window guard needs!

    • Our system is installed with an interior bracing system, allowing for the minimum damage to the property while offering the utmost security.

    • The US Housing Department standard calls for interior bracing, due to its superiority over exterior attachment. We meet that standard.

    • Our product is made of galvanized steel and is very strong, however, our panels allow for ventilation, allowing in air and light, while keeping out intruders.

    • The ventilation also makes this type of "board up" much preferred by local fire and police departments, because plywood is so easily removed. Plywood also keeps air out, so, if there is a fire, it makes a bad situation much worse for first responders.

    • Our product has been vetted by both the Detroit Police and Detroit Fire Department and they both agree that our solution is much safer for them than traditional plywood board ups.

    • We have all seen plywood boarded homes with the screws easily removed, or the plywood chopped up to create an opening. Plywood also warps in the weather, making it easier to get in. It offers a very minimum level of protection from vandals.
    • With Rocca Products Window Guard Products, you get safety and security, protecting your investment from a multitude of problems.